Raiganj Bird Sanctuary

Visit India’s one of the biggest Bird Sanctuary at Raiganj, in West Bengal, India.


Most of us who loved to travel in forest, river and love birds. They must visit once in Kulik Bird Sanctuary, Raiganj. In single word, the place is “AWESOME” for those who like to spend time in peace and surrounded by green trees. The Raiganj Bird Sanctuary officially designated in the year 1985, popularly know as “Kulik Bird Sanctuary.

It is the largest bird sanctuary not only in Bengal but India. The area of the sanctuary is around 1.30 square kilometer. The core area is about 0.14 km2 and the rest is buffer area. The river flows around part of the sanctuary and acts as the boundary in its eastern and southern parts. The shape of the sanctuary is look like alphabet “U”. The sanctuary has a network of artificial canals connected with the river Kulik. During monsoon the river water enters the sanctuary, this supports a wide variety of food for the birds, particularly for the Asian openbill, whose main diet is apple snail. The sanctuary is home to 164 species of birds. Several types of migratory birds arrive here each year from South Asian countries and coastal regions. They start arriving from June. The ideal time to visit this place in July or August. The migratory species includes open-bill storks, egrets, night herons and cormorants. The resident birds are kites, flycatchers, owls, kingfishers, woodpeckers, drongoes, etc. More than 80000 birds visited this sanctuary per year.

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I belief, unless until you visit this place, I can’t explain the beautiful scenario by words. When you will see all big trees are full of white birds and no green leaf can be visible or when you see a group of 50 birds just flew upon your head, or when you see a large number of birds drinking water, catching fish from river I am sure you will be spell-bound. So my request in a life time you must visit this AWESOME place and stay at-least two days.

 Visiting this place is not so hectic, if you plan to go from Kolkata. There are lot of trains available from Howrah/Sealdah. Take any of them and go to Maldah. From where you can hire a car or board on a bus for Raiganj. It will take 2 hours to reach Raiganj. There is only one train runs regularly from Kolkata (Chitpur) station at 7:30 pm named as “Radhikapur express” which will take you directly to Raiganj Station around 6 am. Raiganj is the district city of North Dinajpur so no need to worry for anything. All facilities are available here.

For more information and package tour please do call +91 81 00 601 601


Taki, West Bengal, India

Taki, the newly discovered weekend destination in West Bengal, India.

Ichhamati River Bank

Taki an old historic city and a brand new tourist destination in the state of Bengal, India. Within 2 hours journey from Kolkata, Taki is the most pleasant tourist place to spend one day in the middle of unknown but clean & green village.

A largely uninhabited island near the confluence of the Ichamati and Vasa Rivers. It’s an excellent spot to go walking, swimming and view birds. The boat ride there takes about 30 minutes and is part of the experience — watch for the ruins of the zamindar Roychoudhury’s house, which is slowly being swallowed by the river.

Those are not yet visited this small  beautiful river city are recommended to go at least one time. I’m sure that you will remember this river city for long days.

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Sight seen: 

Sunset in Ichhamati river, is one of the main attractions. Be it sunrise, sunset, the countryside or fisherman working their boats, it provides a spot to relax and take in the views.

Golpatar Jungle (Golpataban) (north of town towards Jalalpur). Walking trails under the canopy of Golpata trees. The trails lead to the river where there are views of Bangladesh. It is recommended to bring photo id as you may be requested to present it before being allowed to enter the area by Indian Border Security Force.

Machranga Island (Machranga Deep, Machranga Dwip) by boat from Jetty Ghat.

Roychowdhury Zaminder House (beside the Ichamati river, north of town). This is the ancestral house of former Army General Shankar Roychowdhury. There are Natmandir, old temples in the premises.

There you can visit numbers old temples around the town where you can witness the evening prayer and arati; Ramakrishna Mandir; Kuleswari Kalibari (Kuler Kali Bari);

How to go:

One can easily visit this city in any time of the day. There are two mode of transportation can avail to go Taki. Road & Rail.

The best route by road is Basanti expressway. Road side village view and green trees can give you immense pleasure while journey through this route.

There are another route also can take you to Taki from Kolkata. From Airport one can head towards Barasat – Basirhat road. But I recommend to take Basanti expressway route. Both route will take near about 2 hours’ time.

If anyone want to go by train, then board in to Hasanabad local train from Sealdah railway station or from Dum Dum Jn. Station (nearest station from Kolkata Airport). Rail route also takes approx. 2 hours travel time from Sealdah to Taki road. While go by rail, drop at Taki road railway station (do not go to Hasanabad station, it is last station in this route) after arrival at Taki road station take an electric rickshaw or pooled rickshaw to go to in the bank of Ichhamti river. Where you may find lot of Hotels within your budget.

Hotel rates may differ from Rs 800/- to Rs 2500/-


Do taste various Bengali dishes specially fresh water fish items will surely give you an outstanding satisfaction. For hotel and package tour related inquiry, please call me at 8100601601

Sunrise from India, Opposite site is Bangladesh

Weekend tour to Digha, Bengal’s Own Sea Beach

It will be immense pleasure to all of my reader for sharing my new blog on weekend tour to Digha.

Today I would like to share information and write my blog on Digha, Bengal’s Own Sea Beach for your kind perusal.

Digha is not so far from Bengal’s capital city Kolkata. Most of the Bengalis already visited this beautiful place many times. As because Digha is well connected by Road & Rail.  One who came from flight or rail to Kolkata can easily visit this coastal city for 2-3 days trip.


Digha is a small but beautiful town faces to Bay-of-Bengal sea. This town not so far but only 4 hours drive (184 km) via Kolaghat-Nandakumar-Contai, from Kolkata. There are lot of Buses also ply from Esplanade and various parts from Bengal. Generally AC Bus fare approx Rs 350/- (5 $) where Non-AC Bus can took you Digha at just Rs 180/- only (3 $). One can book reserved train tickets also. Rail journey may more comfortable those who don’t want to go Digha by Bus. There are 3 train runs on a regular basis from Howrah Stn., these are Tampralipta Ex. (6:35 am) AC Express / Duronto Exp (11:10 am), Kandari Exp (02:15 pm) these trains take only 3 hour time from Kolkata to Digha. While returning, one can take AC Bus from Digha Bus Stop where Bus Ply at interval of 30 minutes. But suggesting to take bus in the first half of the day.  Return Train from Digha are available from Morning 10:25 am (Tamralipta Exp) 15:30hrs (AC Express / Duronto Exp) & last train from Digha runs at 18:15 hrs (Kandari Exp)

Digha town basically called in two separate name, one is Old Digha & another is New Digha. But the geographically distance from these two places are not so far. One can take rickshaw to move around. There are approx 3700 hotels available in this sea town. So availability of accommodation are not a big issue. Though my personal suggession is to book room in advance, so that finding room will not waste your time. I would like to give advice to book online hotel for better deal and location. OYO rooms is the best option for searching rooms at Digha.

digha map.png

Digha Explorations…

Not only Sea Beaches and bath at high tide, there are lot of things to do in your weekend tour at Digha. One can visit leafy Amarabati Park surrounds a lake, take joy ride on rope way, spend leisure time under the green trees and velvet grass, reading books in a chair under natural beauty will be the best for book lovers. Also can visit the western part of town, the white-domed Chandaneswar Shiv Temple is dedicated to the Hindu god Shiva on a day trip.

Nearby places

Other than Digha, couples could make short day trip to Mandarmani, Shankarpur, Tajpur all these places in a same route and need 60 km up&dn journey to make your dream fulfill. En-route you can enjoy Shankarpur Champa River Estuary, Chandpur Beach etc. on the other side one can make a short trip to southern part of Digha, Taalsari, Udaipur Sea Beach etc. This trip may conduct for half day tour as its only 8 km far from Digha.


Whats More @ Digha

Limitless entertainment waiting for you and your partner while visited sea beaches. From coconut water to local camera man to high speed boat riding, to horse riding in the sea beach. Most of the tourist at Digha are from Bengal’s so there are no doubt you will find more leisure time surrounding by beautiful Bengali culture.

One word can say, if you visit Digha one’s; you may fall in love with this sea town and try to get some time from your busy schedule to visit this small but beautiful sea town again & again.


Don’t forget to try MACH VAJA (fresh sea fish fry) in the evening while roaming around and taking fresh wind from sea.


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Weekend tour to Jaipur, Rajasthan.


Nothing is unmanageable in today’s jet-set era. You can select Jaipur as your weekend tour destination. Take a flight, flew for 2 hour and arrive Jaipur in any weekend, spend 2 days and flew back to your home town.

In Jaipur you may visit lot of places if you do a good tour plan. My suggestion is to hire a tour guide during your trip. Because a tour director will help you to know the different stories in a superior way from numerous historic places bounded at Jaipur.

I was visited Jaipur once on October 2015 along with my wife and daughter and fall in love with this city. Especially on Rajasthani people behaviour, they are so humble, helpful & caring. This January’17, when my present organisation offered for a two days official trip to Jaipur for JLF (Jaipur Literary Festival’2017) purpose I did not deny as I love to come this city and I love to travel anywhere in the world.

Along with my boss Mr. Swagat Sengupta & one of my colleague Mr. Soumen Ghosh, we started our journey on 19th Jan’17. Our flight scheduled on 22:10 hrs but it was delayed by 2 hour. We touched Jaipur around 02:00 am in the morning & shifted to hotel. At 2 am in the night Jaipur looks like a Quine. The pink city was covered with yellow halogen street light which gives a dissimilar look. City welcome us with calm wind with unfilled roads. Next two days (20th & 21st) we were busy with official work but myself and Soumen decided to stay back at Jaipur for two more days and requested our Boss to extend our travel time till 23rd Jan. As our boss knows, we loved to travel so he granted our requested. We chalk out our tour plan quickly. We hired an auto rickshaw for local transport.

Jaipur city is well linked by road, so after arriving at airport/ rly station anyone can book a ola or uber cab or may call auto rickshaw Mr. Aazam M: 09799379717 or Mr. Nasir M: 08239304267 or you may hire an Innova car if your group is more than 5 members (Mr. Akhil M: 09269484213). You can call them for airport pickup/ drop and all local tour purpose too.

There are numerous hotels are available in Jaipur starting from Rs 250/- per night. You may also browse www.trivago.com for hotel booking, you can also call budget but 2 start hotel Kalyan, where we stayed for four days. Ph: 0141-2368355/2940/2214935 for booking. Room tariff starting from Rs 900/- roof top restaurant facility also available in this hotel.

D1: We start browsing Jaipur from Jantar Mantar monument. It is a collection of nineteen architectural astronomical instruments, built by the Rajput king Sawai Jai Singh, and completed in 1734 CE. It opens at 9 am and close 4:40 pm. Entry fees for this place is Rs 50/- (for Indian). Popular time to visit in this place is around 12 noon when sun is in the mid sky. Because there are lot of construction made for calculating solar time. You can take photograph with foreign visitors with their consent. As we took few. After visiting this place all tourist go in to City Palace but I would like to recommend not to go City Palace on first day and retain this spot for following day tour!! Your succeeding tour for the day should be Amer Fort.

Amer fort surrounded in an area of 4 square kilo meters & in a distance of 11 kilo meters from Jaipur city. Located high on a hill, it is the principal tourist attraction in the Jaipur area. The town of Amer was originally built by Meenas, and later it was ruled by Raja Man Singh I (December 21, 1550 – July 6, 1614). Amer Fort is known for its artistic Hindu style elements. With its large ramparts and series of gates and cobbled paths, the fort overlooks Maota Lake. It is the main source of water for the Amer Palace. There is no entry fees in this fort but if you want to see museum then you need to pay Rs. 100/- (Indian tourist). You can go Jaigarh Fort by a 1 ½ KM walk by subterranean passages link with Jaigarh fort or you may go down from Amer fort and take your cab and go to Jaigarh Fort. Spending 1 ½ hour in Amer fort is good for any visitors.

Symbol of peace on Jaivana cannon

Jaigarh Fort is situated on the promontory called the Cheel ka Teela (Hill of Eagles) of the Aravalli range; it overlooks the Amber Fort and the Maota Lake, near Amber in Jaipur. The fort was built by Jai Singh II in 1726 to protect the Amber Fort and its palace complex and was named after him. The fort, rugged and similar in structural design to the Amber Fort, is also known as Victory Fort. It has a length of 3 kilometres along the north–south direction and a width of 1 kilometre. The fort features a cannon named “Jaivana”, which was manufactured in the fort precincts and was then the world’s largest cannon on wheels as per Guinness Book of World Record. This Fort is the largest fort in Jaipur, spending two hour time is good for here. Entry fee is Rs 50 per head and car parking fees extra. You may take your car in to the fort by paying Rs 150 extra. After seeing Jaigarh Fort all tourist move out to the Nahargarh Fort which is only 2 KM ahead from here.

Nahargarh Fort stands on the edge of the Aravalli Hills, overlooking the pink city of Jaipur. The view of the city from the fort roof top is impressive. Its open from 10 am along with Amer Fort and Jaigarh Fort, Nahargarh once formed a strong defence ring for the city. The fort was originally named Sudarshangarh, but it became known as Nahargarh, which means ‘abode of tigers’. The popular belief is that Nahar here stands for Nahar Singh Bhomia, whose spirit haunted the place and obstructed construction of the fort. Nahar’s spirit was pacified by building a temple in his memory within the fort, which thus became known by his name. Some scenes of the movie Rang De Basanti and Shuddh Desi Romance and Bengali Cinema Sonar Kella were shot at Nahargarh fort. Entry fee in this fort is also Rs 50 per head. After spending an hour you may move down. On the way to city you must stop in front of Jal Mahal.

At Jal Mahal you can enjoy camel ride Rs 400/- and elephant ride Rs 1000/-.  This palace located in the middle of the Man Sagar Lake in Jaipur city. The palace and the lake around it were renovated and enlarged in the 18th century by Maharaja Jai Singh II of Amber. “The Jal Mahal palace has got an eye-popping makeover. Traditional boat-makers from Vrindavan have crafted the Rajput style wooden boats. A gentle splashing of oars on the clear lake waters takes you to Jal Mahal. You move past decorated hallways and chambers on the first floor to climb all the way up to the fragrant Chameli Bagh. Across the lake, you can view the hills, dotted with temples and ancient forts, and on the other side, bustling Jaipur. The most remarkable change is in the lake itself. The drains were diverted, two million tonnes of toxic silt were dredged from the bottom, increasing its depth by over a metre, a water treatment system was developed, local vegetation and fish reintroduced, the surrounding wetlands regenerated and five nesting islands created to attract migratory birds. One can enjoy various fish and fish eater bird in this area. Jal Mahal palace is not open for visitors. From here you may shop Rajasthani shoes and other merchandisers from here. You may also go for shopping to Johari Bazar or Tropolia Bazar, these two shopping centre are top shopping place in Jaipur.

If you are vegetarian then Jaipur is the idle place for you because there are various veg food restaurant/outlet available. But if you are non-vegetarian then you should go to Dhaba.com restaurant. address: J-1, Jamnalal Bajaj Marg, C Scheme, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302001, Ph.: 0141 402 5566.  Lal Mash/Red Meat with butter tandoor menu you should try here. You can’t forget this recipe for long time that I can assure.

D2:  This day we decided to tour within city’s different areas, so we started our day by visiting Hawa Mahal. This was essentially a high screen wall built so the women of the royal household could observe street festivals while unseen from the outside. Constructed of red and pink sandstone, the palace sits on the edge of the City Palace, and extends to the zenana, or women’s chambers. The structure was built in 1799 by Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh. After seeing Hawal Mahal move to Jaipur’s top visiting place “City Palace”

City Palace

City Palace, which includes the Chandra Mahal and Mubarak Mahal palaces and other buildings, is a palace complex. It was the seat of the Maharaja of Jaipur, the head of the Kachwaha Rajput clan. The Chandra Mahal palace now houses a museum but the greatest part of it is still a royal residence. The palace complex, located northeast of the centre of the grid-patterned Jaipur city, incorporates an impressive and vast array of courtyards, gardens and buildings. The palace was built between 1729 and 1732, initially by Sawai Jai Singh II, the ruler of Amber. He planned and built the outer walls, and later additions were made by successive rulers continuing up to the 20th century. The credit for the urban layout of the city and its structures is attributed to two architects namely, Vidyadhar Bhattacharya, the chief architect in the royal court and Sir Samuel Swinton Jacob, apart from the Sawai himself who was a keen architectural enthusiast. The architects achieved a fusion of the Shilpa Shastra of Indian architecture with Rajput, Mughal and European styles of architecture. Entry fees in city palace is Rs 130/- per head. After spending an hour at city palace your next destination should Albert Hall Museum.

Albert Hall Museum

The Albert Hall Museum is the oldest museum of the state and functions as the State museum of Rajasthan. The building is situated in Ram Niwas Garden outside the city wall opposite new gate and is a fine example of Indo-Saracenic architecture. The building was designed by Sir Samuel Swinton Jacob, assisted by Mir Tujumool Hoosein, and was opened as public museum in 1887. It is also called the Government Central Museum. Maharaja Ram Singh initially wanted this building to be a town hall, but his successor, Madho Singh II, decided it should be a museum for the art of Jaipur and included as part of the new Ram Nivas Garden. The museum has a rich collection of artifacts including paintings, carpets, ivory, stone, metal sculptures, and works in crystal. It is named after King Edward VII (Albert Edward), during whose visit to the city as the Prince of Wales, its foundation stone was laid on 6 February 1876. From here you can go to visit Jaipur Zoo. Though I personally feels animal should not keep in any zoo. In the evening you can go to Birla Temple to observe evening arati & puja.

Birla Temple

Birla Temple is situated at the foot of Moti Dungri fort. This temple forms one of the major attractions of Jaipur. Birla Temple of Jaipur looks stunning, when it is brightly lit in the night. The enormous temple was built during the year 1988, by Birla Group of Industries. The Temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu (Narayan), the preserver and his consort Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth. Due to this reason, Birla Temple is also known as Laxmi Narayan Temple. Birla Mandir is constructed in the finest quality of white marble. The three huge domes of the temple represent three different approaches to the religion. You can taste PawVaji infront of this temple as evening snacks which is really good. Photography inside the temple building is strictly prohibited.

Our homecoming flight from Jaipur was at 20:35 hrs on 23rd Jan’17 so we decided to move on to the Air Port. Though I can’t completed my last wish to visit Chauki-Dani for dinner. As it is a place where you can enjoy Rajasthani Dinner with Folk Songs and Dance. Entry fees Rs 750/- with meal. When we arrived Airport, we found our flight was postponed for two hours!! Finally we arrived city of joy Kolkata around 1:00 am.

Other visiting places in Jaipur are: Moti Doongri Fortress, Peacock Garden, Deer Park, Maharaniyon ki Chatriya, Hathroi Fort, Gaitor, Kanak Vrindavan, Cetral Park, Snow Planet, Ram Niwas Garden, Jawahar Kala Kendra.

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Happy Journey…for your next tour.

Few more photographs are uploading here to cheer you.

City Bird View from Nahargarh Fort
Hilly Range view from Jaigarh Fort
Pink City
Birla Mandir
Entrance at Nahargarh Fort
3 dimension looks, Jantarmantar, City Palace & Nahargarh Fort

Weekend tour Boronti, Purulia

Boronti Dam

It is always preferable to go for a short vacation in your spare time. I never ever want to spoil my spare time by sitting at home and watching TV.

When I was  visited my in-law home Burnpur, W.B. in June’16 for Jamai-Sasthi purpose. I planned to visit Purulia’s one of the best tourist spot “Boronti”. Though visiting season in this place is in winter, but still I do not wait for winter as it was June.

Village Hut, Boronti

It was hot summer so I took one cap, one bottle drinking water & an umbrella as because Purulia is one of the hottest place in W.B. After morning breakfast I was heading towards Burnpur railway station and took a local train for my destination “Muradi”, people who plan to come from Kolkata, can come Asansol first & from Asansol any local train towards Adra Div can take them to Muradi. Suggesting to check train time  table from http://www.erailinfo.com or http://www.indianrailinfo.com

Muradi is the 3rd station from Burpur & it took exactly 20 minutes (from Asansol Jn it might take 30 minute). After reaching at Muradi station I booked an Auto Ricksaw to take me to Boronti Village. Auto-wala Mr. Tamruddin (mobile 9333959055) is a very good person, on the way to Boronti village he describe various story of this place. After making a short journey in Auto (7KM approx, 20 min) I reached at Muradi Dam. It has mind-blowing natural beauty and surrounded by a small hill. Local villagers are often taking bath, wash their cloths, playing in water. The water, the wind, and the natural beauty just taken all my sweat and given me an immense pleasure that I can’t describe.

Boronti Dam, local name is Muradi Dam

You can seat beside the Dam and take the natural beauty for a long hour. After few minutes I asked Tamruddin to take me to Boronti village. One thing I can say here is, If any one want to see a perfect village he must visit Boronti at least once. Because in our childhood book we read about various village and imagine a village picture in our mind. That picture perfectly can be found in this village. Clean, Mud House, Goat, Bull of Cart, Cow and other all traditional village picture can be visible here. Artist, Poets surely fall in love with this village if visited.

Resort at Boronti

For night stay and hotel booking all facilities are available here. 3 to 4 guest house are available but recommended to book earlier before coming here. Few name of the guest houses are :Baranti Wildlife & Nature Study Hut, Mobile: 9874887046, 9830085483, 9330958926, Manbhum Holiday Home, Mobile: 8158978363, 9732117660, Ankhaibari Family Village Resort, Mobile: 9800420013, 9732189408, 9609811544, 9830113626.

Package, Room Rent, Food expenses are time to time change so before booking please check the tariff. I am sure it is not much expensive and anybody can afford it. If you like my post please reply your comment to happyjjourney@gmail.com

Uploading few photgraphs